Art In Space
"The banner above is a segment of Le'Ruedunfrei VIII original painting.
but paying specific tribute to how far Artists have come in making a lasting impact on future generations in our explorations of our craft. 
To read more about the NASA mission that took a digital copy of my original painting Explore & Discover beyond this world, click the banner above!" 
- M.E.
Original Fine Art
Art by M.E.
is Featured In Space
This Collectors Piece is a part of the 'Earth Art' digital exhibition in space.

It is being taken to the Asteroid (101955) Bennu by the NASA mission OSIRIS-REx. 
The primary goal of the mission is to return samples from the asteroid to Earth in 2023.  

The additional (bonus) goal of the mission is to leave Earth Art in space for millennia to come;
where by, after depositing samples on Earth, OSIRIS-REx and the "Earth Art" collection will find orbit around our sun!

Learn More about this Mission here: 
Shower Curtain $60
Phone Case $20
Yoga Mat $20
T-shirt $23
Fine Art America
Discover Art beyond your walls. Take Art where ever you are. 
"Mandy's art takes me inside my imagination and dreams."
- Ginger Elliott
(above) Back Cover
(above) Front Cover
"To the woman who brought my Arwen to life: Words could never express the gratitude and awe I have every moment I see this painting; you are what any artist should aspire to be."
- Amanda Sauter, author of Arwen: Hollow Mountain (Vol I)
(above) Title Text Art
(above) Final Book Cover
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Since 2018 museblock and M.E. have partnered to allow anyone to assist Artists in selling their Art, and to make a few bucks for themselves in the process! Virtual Promoters, Ground & Event Promoters, even the average Social Media Share-Monger can benefit while helping Artists get their Artwork seen by the right buyers as "Influencers." 
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Since 2017 Ginger Elliott and M.E. teamed up to make Art more accessible, brainstorming new ways to get people involved in art, even when they don't feel the compulsion to create on their own!
Since 2017 Fine Art America and M.E. - Look Past It have partnered to bring you prints and products with M.E. - Look Past It art on them! From classic poster prints, to metal, wood, or even canvas prints, Fine Art America also makes M.E.'s Art (and many other Artist's Art and Photography) available on Throw Pillows, Duvet Covers, Phone Cases, T-Shirts, Beach Towels, Totes, and more...
Since 2015 Spearman Artisanry and M.E. - Look Past It have teamed up to provide local Virginia inspired Artworks for sale as magnets and postcards at the Lynchburg Community Market in Downtown Lynchburg.
Since 2012, Remmy Ar'emen and M.E. have teamed up the twin-power to create one of a kind artworks displaying their vastly different styles on single or multi-panel canvases.
Beyond the Paint
M.E. writes about dreams, consciousness, paradoxes of perception, and more in the forms of poetry and short stories. 
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