Unleash love and success by completing your FREE 
Happily Ever NOW workbook!
Unleash love and success by completing your FREE 
Happily Ever NOW workbook!
 - the struggle is real - 
"Each day I grow more optimistic about my career and more pessimistic about my love life. 
I fear I won't find a man who can understand, appreciate and compliment my hustle." - Valerie, TV Producer in LA
 - so Charreah wrote a book for you - 
Boss Bride:
The Powerful Woman's Playbook for Love and Success 
In our society, women earn the majority of degrees and are increasingly bringing home the bacon - and frying it, with 40% of American households having female breadwinners. ESSENCE Senior Editor and author Charreah K. Jackson interviewed and researched more than 150 professional women including everyday powerhouses and famous faces for strategies to thrive in our personal and professional lives. This juicy and honest read includes insight from more than 1,000 years of marriage and career success by accomplished women and shares...
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"Charreah is a consummate professional, unwavering in her passion to empower women. I've been honored to work alongside her on several projects and
her dedication to her craft is unparalleled."
Paul C. Brunson
Mentor, Entrepreneur, & Television Host
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You Are a Boss Bride.
She’s a woman that fuses the characteristics
of an effective boss – focus, strategy, delegation – with the best qualities of a bride at her wedding – happy, charming, and living in the moment. 
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