When I work on a commission, I do my best to channel my Patron's vision.
Often times, I meditate on this person's desires and allow the freeflow of consciousness to guide me and my brushes so that it is almost as if my Patron created the image and I acted as a paint-printer to make it tangible. 
It's undoubtedly an Art.
What you can expect from me on this commission 
My First Reply: 
  •  48 hour turn-around on your request
  •  I confirm my understanding of the details you provided me.
  •  I ask clarifying questions about anything I need you to confirm.
  •  I set a date for the first follow-up so you know when to expect it.
Follow-up Replies:
  • I start with sketches 
  •  I use the approved sketch(es) to freehand the painting.
  •  I will always send progress photos as I go.
  •  I will incorporate your feedback every time.
  •  I will always set a new date for the next follow-up!
Final Touches Replies:
  • I will confirm I have reached the final stages.
  •  You will have an opportunity to tweak and critique my work.
  •  I will use your feedback to improve the Artwork.
  •  I will always confirm the date I expect to be done painting.
Final Artwork & Delivery:
  • We both agree the Art is done.
  •  I confirm the shipping address and delivery preferences.
  •  I set the date I ship and the date of delivery.
  •  I make sure you love it (usually more) when it's in your hands.
  •  I ask for a testimonial from you about the commission. (not required, definitely appreciated!)
Thank you again for your investment,
you can expect to hear from me within 48 hours!